How does this work?

It’s actually very simple! Just choose the status upgrade you prefer, Place your order and provide us with all the necessary information. Once your order is complete, we will deliver your status upgrade to your e-mail address. Delivery times vary based on the hotels & airline, which are described in the description of each product.


Do benefits apply to existing reservations/tickets?

Yes, all of the perks you’ll be receiving will apply to already purchased tickets. You can start enjoying the benefits of your status upgrade the moment it is delivered.


How do I pay?

Our secure website features several payment options from major credit cards. If you do not see your preferred payment method, please contact support and we’ll assist you with an alternative if it is possible.


How do I track the status of my order?

You will get an e-mail confirmation when you buy a status product with us. If you have any questions beyond this, please email us.


What is your money-back guarantee?

We offer a full refund if we are unable to provide you status for any reason.


Do you offer discount?

No. At this time all of our status upgrades are competitive priced as is. You will not find a better deal anywhere online – especially when it comes to reliability and delivery times.


Is the upgrade legal?

Our services are 100% legal and your accounts are completely safe. All services provided by us are in accordance with the law. We acquire status benefits from large corporations who offload their excess upgrades to us at a deep discount.