Chinese TV series “Tian Dao” is adapted into a TV series based on the book “Distant Savior”. I started to recommend to friends in 2012, and now almost has indirectly influenced several thousand people to watch this TV series. They all benefited. In short, this TV series opens up the vision and awareness. It is highly recommended that the president you must watch this TV series. It is much better than only reading or taking classes.

As there is only Chinese Version, I try to explain by my own idea. And if you can extract the subtitles,I may translate it into English. According to my understanding, there is only one dominant mode of thinking inside the TV series ” Tiandao “, that is, the backward thinking of the Domino layout, you will find that you can also have this mode of thinking after watching. It can be described in the following words

    Upside down


    Backward thinking

    Domino layout

The main character in the play Ding Yuan Ying is to use the ending way of thinking, deduce in reverse, to complete the layout, and finally execute from the beginning in order, take people and other things that may be involved into consideration, then everything will be in control.

There is no Guru in this world, the so-called Guru, just look at the problem from a different perspective and get the different result.

In fact, the guru is not how remarkable, but the way of thinking backwards is normal mindset of them.

There is no myth in this world, the so-called myth, just the ordinary things that are not easily understood by ordinary people.

This is not what is new and different, because the human nature of the process of pursuing wealth is upside down, all you need to do is turn it upside down again and restore the original order.

97% of people follow the “order” to make money, 2.9% of people follow the “reverse” to make money! 0.1% of people reversed back the truth that most people reversed to make money, the result is…. .3% of people earn 97% of the cumulative money earned, the 0.1% of people can not only make money, but gain fame and fortune, achievement, this is the so-called know-how people.

Once again, I propose that no matter how busy you are, please be sure to watch this drama, just watch one episode a day, you will have great gains.

Ding Yuanying has a prototype in real life, you may have heard of him. His name is Niu Gensheng, the president of Mengniu,the second largest diary company in China, he turned an obscure brand into the first national brand, annual sales of tens of billions, using the same tactics as Ding Yuanying.

After watching the TV series “Tian Dao”,  you will understand more thoroughly.

You can watch it on Youtube:

Today you can watch the first episode.