For all marketing businessmen, the hardest thing in the world, is to sell. They have to fight in the red sea.

For masters who know conversion thinking, however, they will sell at even or a loss.

Because as long as you get the most difficult part of promotion for them to be done,even if it is not profitable or a bit loss, it will be acceptable. As you can play many cards in the back end.

This is the core of conversion mindset.If you can figure out these two phrases above, worth 1 million

Many profitable business, you simply can not tell how he made money. You clearly see that he did not make money in this business, but he made money, just because you can not see through, can not understand.

Because such masters are making money by running several companies, some to generate cash flow, some to create influence, some to attract traffics, and some to leverage the money

In front of the master who knows conversion thinking, you are simply not competitive, and will be squeezed without a little profit.