In the business world, there are also two groups of “hunters” and “farmers”.

There is no right or wrong for hunter and farmer model.

There is no code for wealth creation, if there is one, it is value creation.

The hunting mindset is to seek new prey every day, find out which field is profitable, then cut into it, study it, make some money, make a shot and move to another place.

When we have this kind of hunting thinking, our heart is restless, we always want to make some quick money. In fact, it is no wonder, because you do not have a steadily growing business, you can only rely on more money in a single shot to give yourself a sense of security.

Marketing with this approach, the consumer looks like prey, the marketing strategy developed looks like a hunting plan, and the marketing textbook looks more like a hunting guide!

Hunting thinking is only effective for a small group of customers, which often ignores a larger group of customers.

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