AA Platinum Pro oneworld Emerald 120 Days



AA Platinum Pro benefits

· Complimentary upgrades within North America

· oneworld Emerald status (including lounge access)

· Complimentary Main Cabin Extra seating

· 80% status mileage bonus

· Access to Loyalty Point Rewards

· Three free checked (priority) bags

· Priority check-in, security, and boarding

· Same day flight changes & priority standby

· AAdvantage Platinum Pro phone number

· Reciprocal elite perks on JetBlue



At the same time, As a oneworld Emerald member, you have the following benefits with 14 airlines members showed in the photo:

· Access to business and first class lounges.

· Access to first class priority check-in.

· Fast track at select security lanes.

· Priority boarding.

· Preferred or reserved seating.

· Priority status on standby waitlists.

· Priority baggage handling.

· Extra baggage allowance.



Important Notice: 

· The processing time for American Airlines will be 1-2 weeks. We will notify you once its done. If its not approved in 3 weeks, you can request a full refund.

· We need your AAdvantage Account # and Password to upgrade the account, please put it on the note or send via to [email protected]

· Please make sure you have not made any challenge during last 3 years before purchasing. Or you can create a new account to apply.



What if I don’t fly a lot?

No worries! You will receive 4 months of AAdvantage Platinum Pro status so even if you fly just a few times in that period you will still receive a host of benefits like upgrades, lounge access, VIP lines and more which will make your travel better.



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