Marriott Explore Rate/MMP Form,Save 50%, Valid in 2 Months



What is Marriott Explore Rate/MMP Rate?

Marriott Explore Rate is highest discount rate of Marriott loyalty program. The discount can be 50-60% off the normal rates.


What is the Marriott Explore Rate Discount Code?

The Code for the Marriott Explore Rate to use when booking is “MMP”.

At check-in, eligible guests must present a photo ID AND the Explore Rate Authorization Form.


How to book a room with a Marriott MMP Code

The booking process is very easy. You’ll just need to use the Marriott “MMP” Code when booking the employee rate direct on Marriott’s website.

Here’s a quick example to show you how to book the rate and what level of discount you can expect.

1. Go to Marriott’s booking site

2. Click on the “Find & Reserve” tab on the upper left portion of the page

3. Enter the location you are traveling to and the travel dates

4. Click on the Special Rates Drop Down

5. Click the “Corporate/Promo/SET#” button and enter “MMP” in the “Enter Code” box

6. Enter the destination and dates you want to travel then hit “Find Hotels”



Important Notice: 

· We will send you the MMP Form in PDF in 1-2 days.

· The Form is valid in 2 Months from the date issued.

· We need your first name and last name to fill in the form. Please put it on the note or send to [email protected].

· Don’t make complaints to the hotel.

· Only use it by yourself(Same as the name on the form)

· You must present a photo ID AND the Form at check in.

· The hotel you are going to stay reserves the final interpretation to the use of MMP form.

· No refund once the form is issued.

· Not All hotels have MMP Rate


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