Just like Facebook,WeChat and Telegram etc., they all are free. But at least Facebook and Wechat are among the most profitable companies in the world.

A lot of money-making businesses, you simply can not see how he is making money. Some businesses seem to be not making money, but they made it. Just so you can’t see through it, you can’t understand it.

Because such masters are making money by running several companies, some to attract cash flow, some to create influence, some to leverage the money. So you simply do not know which of his companies make money.

The master who knows conversion thinking is the most adept at layout, he make it even or lose money through a company, so that they can get the customers data base of competitors and import to another company to make money. The several companies support each other, so that the business is unbreakable and impervious to others.

In front of the masters who know conversion thinking, you are not competitive, and will be squeezed without a little profit margin.

This is the company chain layout of the masters who know conversion thinking.