9 months into 2022, still a quarter of the way to go

In 2022, there are three uncertainties.

First, the uncertainty of the international situation centered on Sino-US relations, and Russia-Ukraine War etc.

Second, the uncertainty caused by the repeated impact of COVID-19.

Third, the growing competitive environment of the industries and the uncertainty of the development of various industry sectors.

Among these three uncertainties, especially COVID-19 brings us the most direct impact and consequences, the most headache of all industries is: how to do business next?

I have met a few business partners in manufacturing and retail these days, most of them got lost in these 2 years. Now their goal is to stay alive.

COVID-19 has really pushed many people to a desperate situation. It is obvious that people around us are not consuming, they are tightening their pockets, and the turnover rate is decreasing.

But it makes no sense to discuss “the impact of the CO VID-19 on business” all the time. Firstly, it has already happened and cannot be changed in the short term; secondly, everyone is affected by COVID-19, not just you and me.

Do not panic, do not rush, do not be anxious. At present, the economy is indeed in an abnormal local pause because of COVID-19. Although the economic ship is slowing down, it is not leaking and is in good mechanical condition, it is still on sailing.

Here is a quote for you:

“If you stop, it’s the bottom. If you continue, it’s uphill.” This is the best statement I’ve ever heard about the valley of life.

In fact, everyone can fall into a low period of time, but no matter what, do not give up the pace of progress. The rain will eventually stop and the snow will eventually become a scene, so don’t stop your footsteps to continue uphill by step

I believe that the last phase of COVID-19 will pass next year and the economy will improve, so get yourself ready now!

In the current situation, after much investigation, as opposed to personal, I still emphasize: Facebook is still a content platform most worth investing in, or maybe Telegram,too.

Because Facebook has an unchanging base of traffic, just like the total population of the world will not change much, everyone will always stay in this ecology.

And then you have to build your private platform, the most simple way, your own website, so that the traffics you attract can get to the final link to complete the deal.

As long as you determine this perception, keep working hard to make money + regular healthy exercise, which should become the norm in your daily life.

Presidents, the best way for you to make money is light asset model, virtual products, which require the lowest cost and lowest risk

Under the current environment, you have to be more patient, it may take up to 6 months for a potential to make a deal with you. If you insist on half a month to give up, you can’t influence the customer, and he won’t buy from you.

World Presidents Group(WPG’s) social media marketing model is Farming Thinking. In this era of impatience and the pursuit of quick success, to achieve the desired goal, you have to do the opposite and keep in mind this word: lengthen the period.

Keep outputing at least 3-6months, this is what I am trying.