Knowing the conversion thinking, you will not make irreversible and fatal mistakes because of impulsiveness.

Who dares to say that they have not had a situation in their lives where anger is unstoppable? The moment the anger arises from the heart, nothing will be taken into account, and absolutely fight to the end.

With hindsight, one will certainly regret, but it is already too late. There are real drugs, fake drugs, ecstasy etc. in this world, but there is no regret drug.

Usually, a lot of big pain, tragedy, are from trivial things that we did not notice and stop in time.

We all know this truth, the key is how can we do?

Only those who know how to convert thinking about it once, they will put down. It is no use to listen to the sense from others,you need to figure out by yourself.

For example, Ding Yuanying in the TV series “The Way of Heaven” was so unconcerned with the world that the owner of the Wonton booth charged him twice and he did not care.

The owner of the Ramen store ridiculed him for not having a job, but he didn’t care either.

In the park to watch Xiaodan dancing while being taken away the chair, Ding Yuanying did not even look at the person who took his place ……

Just as Xiao Yawen warned Rui Xiaodan with a quote from Ding Yuanying’s ex-wife: “He will never argue with you, his every pore is permeated with a condescending tolerance of worldly culture, so tolerant that he doesn’t bother to reason with you”

Ding Yuanying look down on these, because he has once experienced and thought. Everything from the results, it is easy to understand. If argued and quarreled with others, which is more important about who is right and who is wrong,or your time? Is it more important to win theoretically or to keep a good mood?

Only after your conversion thinking, which is more important has already been set in the mind, it is the automatic response without thinking.

When a person from the beginning to know what the result is, it will not waste energy and time to argue.

Today please watch the 5th episode of the TV series ” Tiandao “, you may not feel it wonderful by the first few episodes, but it is too early to draw a conclusion. There are 24 episodes, it is not too late to draw a conclusion after watching them.

Experience these two lines from “Tiandao” today.

“He will never argue with you, his every pore is permeated with a condescending tolerance of worldly culture, so tolerant that he does not bother to reason with you, so tolerant that you feel vulgar and inferior yourself.”

“From a psychological point of analysis, the more simple-minded people need embellishment and filling, while people with complex minds have a special psychological need for simplicity”.