Giving people money is lower level

Giving people ability is middle level

Give people good mindsets is the top level

Wealth can not buy good thinking, which can be exchanged for billions of dollars. The biggest market in the world is in people’s minds!

Two of the most difficult things in the world.

One is to put other people’s money in your own pocket.

The second is to put your own thoughts in someone else’s head

To reverse the order of the above statement.

If you can put your thoughts in other people’s heads, you can put other people’s money in your own pockets

Many people who make a lot of money do so, but it requires a very high ability. So what do we ordinary people do?

If you are in virtual business, you have two options:

One is to help increase the thoughts in other people’s heads

The second is to help increase the money in other people’s pockets

If you do a physical business,you have 2 options,too

One is to improve the quality of products to help others save money

The second is to help others by providing solutions to problems

As long as you make the above, your pockets will naturally increase money.

As a seller, you must realize that there are two scales in your customer’s mind.

One scale shows: price on the left and value on the right, if the sense of value is strong enough, the customer will ignore the price

The other scale shows the return on the left and the risk on the right, if the risk is small, then the customer will only focus on the return

If there is no significant difference between the left and right side of the scale, the scale will remain balanced and the customer will waver and never make a decision or order.

What you have to do is to break this balance, to break this stalemate