A- spams ads on social medias every day

B- shares some life philosophy, life guide and solutions

But the monthly income of B is more than ten times that of A

A’s model.

Spamming → blocked or deleted → can not sell products → can not earn money → continue to add people, continue to spam→ discouraged to quit, looking for another project and channel

B’s model.

Share the value → continue to share the value → start to get orders → continuously get orders → continue to share the value → customers bring customers →make more money

[Spam] and [Share], no difference in one day, not much difference in a week,but big difference in a year in income.

So what exactly shall we share?

Everything that is of value can be shared to attract followers!

Turning everything of value into a virtual information product for your customers through your adaptation is the iron law of sharing to create wealth!

When you really understand the word sharing, you will know that making money is not only about learning some tricks, but also about rising to the level of “altruism”.

What you can really help others, once mastered, you have a kind of inexplicable energy field to attract others to actively buy from you.

The highest level of marketing is that there is no marketing, no trick. It is  by sharing value to help customers, which is to help yourself,too!

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to make the whole world accept your products and you. You just need to share, naturally there will be some people who benefit from you, who are willing to pay,who have same minds as you to follow you and walk a journey with you

You don’t need to pursue the scale of 100,000 or million users, but to attract a group of customers with the same mind through sharing, and focus on serving these 1000 to 3000 customers to make their life better.