No matter what business you are in, whether online or offline, there will be a primary need: that is the customer, without which there is nothing.

So where do we find our customers?

Thanks to the developers of Wechat/Facebook/Instagram/Telegram…, They have provided us with all the customers.

I can tell you with certainty, Presidents, that with the social media platforms above, we can completely make good money without investing large sums of money.

Why should we thank these social medias?

The reason is very simple, according to my test of all kinds of channels to develop customers, as far as I know, the best channel entrance is


Even if you have millions of debts, the best channel in this life that allows you to start with nothing and go from negative to rich are the above platforms, which give you resources and customers.

Since I started the online business, I have been hearing a voice complaining those social medias, that’s because they don’t know what the social medias can bring them.

Now, the social medias have a close relationship with your business. If you can’t see this, it only means that you are a short-sighted wolf and will suffer from hunger.

There were two wolves which came to the meadow.

One wolf was very disappointed because he could not see the meat, which is sight.

The other wolf is excited because he knows that if there is grass, there will be sheep, which is vision.

This is the difference between eyesight and vision.

Vision can transcend the status quo and enable one to see the goal of life. It depends on whether you see the surface level, or whether you look at the deeper possibilities that

1. In a single dimension, we are competing for length; we are competing for persistence, and there are not many people who can persist

2. In two dimensions, we are competing for area; we are competing for knowledge, reading volume, and not many people learn in their spare time

3. On three latitudes, we are competing with the volume, the height, vision and thinking, not many people know how to do it.

A correct nonsense: you just need to get through either of the social media platforms above, you will not be short of money in this life.

Before there is no network, it is difficult to know which people in the world have the same hobbies as you. And now with internet, it is easy for you to find these people with same mind.

You can study Google SEO,Google ads and the social medias above.They can help you find these people, who are obviously willing to buy products related to their interests.

Study and take advantage of the above social medias, it means you open up a treasure trove of income.

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