Make it clear that the wealth we want to gain in the future, not earned,but planned. It requires a certain mindset, which is not only simple to know, but also requires us to exercise until it becomes a natural reaction of our own

Your wealth and your mindset are in sync, for example, a million dollar profit requires a million dollar mindset.

Ten million dollars of profit requires a ten-million-dollar state of mind; a hundred-million-dollar profit requires a hundred-million-dollar state of mind, otherwise it is difficult to achieve a breakthrough, and this breakthrough does not take a long time.

Wealth comes from your vision, your thinking. The breakthrough of profit comes from the breakthrough of the brain, from the breakthrough of the mind. If the mind can not achieve a breakthrough, then the money will not come to you.

As the president, your way of thinking is to consider the framework, the system and the layout.

WPG interactive steps.

The first 6 steps of the interaction 6+1 are all parts of the layout, to the final step closing will basically require little effort:.

1, Let the prospect curious, give him a suspense, give him a question mark

2, Let the prospect benefit, give him a value, give him a report

3, Let the prospect action, give him a command, give him a reason

4, Let the prospect help you, give him a chance, give him a feeling

5, Let the prospect lose sleep, give him a result, give him an expectation

6, Let the prospect feeling a bargain, give him a reference, give him a comparison

7, Let the prospect beg you, give him a threshold, give him a condition

90% of the marketers spend their effort on the closing, most people are struggling with how to close deals, a variety of words and techniques are used, but the effect is still minimal

The WPG process is the opposite, focusing 90% of your effort on the first 6 steps, for the last step prospects are begging you to close the deal

Even if it does not reach the state of begging you, it is also to let him take the initiative to close the deal, without any over-convincing, go with the flow, it simply does not take much effort and time, all you have to do is tell him how to pay.

No deal does not matter, still friendly. We continue to attract the next batch of high quality clients of same interest

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