Let’s take Facebook as an example,which is one of the largest private platforms available, and the number of friends is maximum 5,000. You can apply it to other social media platforms.

You will filter out some non-potential customers through a period of interaction If your Facebook friends can really reach 5,000 after filter, do you know how much revenue it brings to you?

Let’s say the minimum profit of $300 each friend brings you, your Facebook can be worth 1.5 million

1.5 million right? But actually 1,000 of your Facebook friends may become your real customers, say $300 profit per order is still $300,000, this is the minimum, you can Google search Kevin’s 1,000 fans theory and you will know.

If calculated according to the profit per order of $3000, $5000, $10,000, your Facebook is worth a maximum of 15 million, 25 million, 50 million

If you think according to this model, your Facebook is really worth money. Following the steps, you can run a Facebook with minimum value of 10 million.

WPG partners are now operating the project with profit of $100,$500 and $5000 per order. You can calculate for yourself the upper and lower limits of a Facebook income

Now you know how much a Facebook seat is worth, are you still going to add people randomly, will you still accept the request of others to add you to friends randomly?

Will you still spam ads on Facebook?

Will you still let those worthless followers occupy the Facebook friend seat?

So, to turn your Facebook into a profitable micro-company

The first step is not to recruit and add friends randomly

The first step is to cut staff, is to delete some of the bot fans

The president who entered the WPG partner group had to go through at least 12 days of mass layoffs of Facebook friends through 6+1 interactive steps before he started to attract precise fans of the same mind.

To expand from a few accurate fans, it is a complete process. People in your micro company are really creating wealth for you after screening and filtering. Some partners of the same mind, it is possible to build a lifetime partnership

By now you should be clear about one thing, to run your Facebook as a micro-company, you must take a big step “layoffs”, not increase staff, to make room for other customers who really need your help