A common weakness of human nature is the desire to get what they have not got, and not so much to treasure what they have now. Only when you lose what you have now, you feel it is precious and irreplaceable

This psychological weakness causes people to think that the food in the bowl tastes like wax and the stuff in the pot tastes delicious. The ancients have said for a long time: “Wives are not as good as concubines, concubines are not as good as prostitutes, prostitutes are not as good as having an affair.”

Many people have the same mentality in learning now, they don’t cherish what they have, they always think of those they don’t have, it’s a pathological addiction

In fact the most powerful techniques I have shown you, it is likely that you do not realize, just because it is free and did not attract your attention, or because you did not get it in your mind, did not remember, did not exercise, so there are no response, and you did not see the killing power of it

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What you get for free will not be valued, and then the powerful weapons in your hands are all scrap metal

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