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Social Media Direct Mail Marketing, which is the model of direct mail to the mobile Internet, referred to as SMDMM

But this Social Media Direct Mail Marketing is not sending sales ads directly to customers, but through a sequence of ways to contribute value, and finally deal happens naturally

One of the cores of Social Media Direct Mail Marketing is the farming mindset

This is a world of impatience, this is a world of pursuing speed, so some people are impatient, always want to see the results immediately

Most people are hunting thinking, always want one shot a prey, want to see the results immediately. Therefore, advertising overflows, turning into a red sea of competition

90% of people, are using hunting thinking in marketing, because hunting type marketing is simple and direct, they posts ads where there is a chance.

But the premise of deal is about building trust, and it takes time to build trust, which is the iron law

Trust is the scarcest currency, and this cannot be done by hunting thinking

If you understand this, you have to use farming thinking, carrying out spring, summer, autumn and winter hard cultivation, then you will beat the opponents. This is the model of starting slow and then going fast

Only 10% of people, use the farming thinking to do marketing, through a certain cycle of cultivation, to have a harvest.

The greatest power of closing depends on the frequency and degree of customer contact with you, the deeper the relationship you have with the customer, the greater the possibility of your deal with him!

You need to play a protracted war, to win by time. Patience to win trust and to win orders. This is the core of farming thinking

So I designed Social Media Direct Mail Marketing into different models, which are the embodiment of farming thinking

Six days of sowing,one day to harvest: 6+1 closing model

29 days of sowing, one day to harvest: 21 + 1 closing model (a month excluding Saturday and Sunday)

Four-day of sowing, one-day to harvest: 4+1 and 3+2 models

Five days of sowing and two days to harvest: 5+2 model

Can also make a variety of models

Now WPG partners rehearse 6+1 interactive techniques and 21+1 Social Media Direct Mail Marketing techniques every day for 24 days.