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Let’s observe how most people do social media marketing?

Find the product, and posts images and ads on social media to wait for the business to come, is it what most people do?

But if this is how you can make money, then isn’t it possible for anyone to get rich quickly?

When you see these ads and information, think about your reaction

If you do social media marketing and run the micro business like that, then you simply forget it.

A project or a business that everyone can do is definitely not a good one.

Spamming ads on social medias every day, only two special treatments can result.

One is the death penalty – you are deleted directly, or pulled into the blacklist

The second is a reprieve – to block you, just temporarily keep you in list.

How do the real sales masters do?

That is to use farming thinking to cultivate and build trust very patiently on social medias, the closed-loop platforms.

Just like in real life how do you and a stranger become friends?

From the first contact

to the second acquaintance

And then the third familiarity


If you never contact after the first contact, you will never become friends, so friends needs constant communications.

It can be difficult to communicate with hundreds of people offline, in real life.

But on social media it’s easy.

How to do it?

It’s actually quite simple, you just have to make the other person feel cared for.

His or her trust and goodwill towards you will skyrocket

If you want to deal with an unfamiliar potential customers or fans, you must firstly build trust. There are two factors to build trust, one is time, another is the contribution of value. After building the trust, the customer can experience a touching to complete the sale.