Today I recommend a person and a book to all the presidents

This man is the fastest money maker on the Internet.

He is the entrepreneurial coach of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

As the world’s top entrepreneur and marketing guru, he didn’t start well ……

He was a jobless, forced to stay home to take care of two children. The business was based in a noisy nursery and the product launched was 19 emails

Amazingly, he succeeded. By offering the “product launch formula” on the Internet, he not only created a “one-day sales of more than a million” himself, but also coached thousands of micro and small businesses to create best-selling and long-lasting products

10 days, 4 kinds of launch paths

Let your products be sold out in seconds as soon as they hit the shelves

How can an individual who has failed to invest turn the long-term backlog of inventory into a scarce product that is snapped up by the crowd and finally knock on the door of wealth?

How does a college graduate with only enthusiasm turn a tennis tutorial that no one asked for into a professional tutorial worth $450,000?

Long-term disengagement from society, a full-time housewife, how to start a business from scratch? Create her own first pop-up and save her soon-to-be-broken family?

The same magic formula that changed the fate of the above people – the product launch formula

This guru is Jeff Walker introduced to you in today’s share

Internet marketing guru Jeff Walker has created four distribution paths for micro and small businesses with limited resources: seed distribution, affiliate distribution, PLF, and PLF2.0, to create sufficient momentum for product launches, which in turn sweep consumers like a wave and set off a snapping storm

Whether you sell electronic products, clothing, shoes and hats, or cell phone software, network video, you will certainly find the most suitable distribution path in this book, the fastest speed to take the market by storm, selling like crazy!

This book is available on Amazon, you can get one back and read it.

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Today you can watch the 9th episode of the TV series ” Tiandao “