The farthest distance is

The diamonds are in your backyard

The secrets are right in front of your eyes

but you don’t see it every day

The content shared today is the analysis and design of the sales process, which requires you to start with a backward mindset layout

The first step we take in sales is to develop an efficient and appropriate sales process

What is the sales process?

Simply put, it is the process of going through from the first contact with the customer to the final deal with you.

The process is to turn a potential customer who is a stranger to you and does not have any sense of trust, from not knowing you, slowly develop to understand you, accept you, recognize your value concept, from trying to buy to continuously buy, and finally become your loyal customers

In Chinese ancient times, Sun Tzu was destined to win at the beginning of the war because Sun Tzu had already designed all the strategic layout and plans from scratch in secret, and as soon as the enemy entered the strategic layout, the war was destined to be won

Modern marketing masters have designed the layout of transaction in the first contact with customers. Knowing the principle of psychological impact of light and dark, knowing the backward mindset, you know the secret of layout.

The layout of the impact on customer perception, is to take advantage of the entire psychology and behavior of the customer, and then deliberately design a process according to his psychology at the time, through a series of interactions and thus affect the behavior of the other party, to generate value judgments

You want customers to buy, you want customers to perceive your products, you want customers to form value judgments, have you set up under the table to make customers’ emotions, thinking, behavior occur as you expect?

Most of the seven steps in WPG’s Interaction 6+1 are designed to make the customer’s thinking and emotions change, which was shared in the previous post, you can review again.

Through these interactive steps, put the prediction, padding, stimulation, curiosity, response in the layout, go through the process in stages. Closing is not as difficult as in the past, there will be a certain percentage of closing, which is able to expect.The process is working after practice verification.