The sales process of Social Media Direct Mail Marketing are as follows.

1: worldpresidentgroup.com website sales process

2: Social media posts+ Messenger interaction sales process

3: Social media group sales process.

4: Electronic report sales process

worldpresidentgroup.com website sales process only takes 7 days, from stranger to order, only 7 articles are needed

The flow layout of the Social media post+messenger interaction 6+1 takes 15 days of practically rehearsed steps

Social media group sales process has 6+1 model, 4+1 model, 3+2 model

There is also social media group 29+1, it takes a month. There are templates for reference, so you can operate directly

The sales process of electronic report also takes about a month, this is the masterpiece of Joe Vitale. The conversion rate of my transactions with this is at least 40%