I have seen a lot of people run blog websites, who are suffering day and night for the contents and ideas for writing the blogs.

If you do not find the framework, have no complete thinking system of website, then no matter how hard you are working,you cannot make money.

I would like to live a life of leisure and quality. Like those bloggers, updating original copy-writings every day, finding material, brainstorming ideas, staying up late every day and overnight, finally earning a hundred thousands, or million, that way, I would rather not do.

The ideal way I want to be a relaxed seller, no need spamming ads, no need to write original contents every day. I just want do sports, reading, watching movies, making money on projects without worrying, and then going to bed before eleven o’clock at night

Anyway, I want to live such a life, making a few hundred thousand a year will be fine. At least not as tired as a dog

Of course, at the beginning, you still have to work hard to lay the foundation like what I am doing now. 🙂

Most of the blog websites try to make money via the regular idea as follows

1, the pain you will face if you do not use this product

2, the benefits of using this product

3, authoritative proof

4, customer testimonials

Or the way to implant ads, that is, add an ad or affiliate link in the the blog article. This is the most popular way, and the results various from peroson to person.

You can study the WPG website automated sales process, maybe you can apply to your own.

I used to hear about those automated money-making machines and automated marketing processes online, but I have studied and understood them seriously, and I feel that they are not very reliable and cannot be implemented

And, what others are using, you must not use again, because it has been flooded, and it will only turn people off! Success does not take the usual path! Everything should be differentiated, personalized, humanized!

worldpresidentgroup.com sales process is a total of 7 days and 7 interactions, and finally focused on one day to complete the sale

The advantage of using this sales process is that you don’t have to sell something every day on social media. Making money every day, not as good as making a lot of money in one day, and finally let the customer finish the sale himself

Many sellers spend at least 5 hours a day on their phones from getting up in the morning, going to the bathroom, eating, waiting for the bus, driving and waiting at red lights, chatting with friends, watching TV, lying in bed, not forgetting to take their phones and open social medias to post and send messages. Now with WPG automated sales process, you don’t have to work so hard!

The core of worldpresidentgroup.com automated sales process is [autoresponder] and [contributing value]

The process of letting customers deal with themselves through a series of interactions, first through a series of auto-response to visitors to provide valuable information, gradually build trust, the last day complete the sale. Its fully unattended and fully automated mode

This is an [automatic screening] and [automatic filtering] system

There is only one article on WPG webiste, so there will be some people who open the website and close it directly, just like the wolf I talked about before who just saw the grass and was disappointed and went away

Today, the Public Class: Social Media Direct Mail Marketing: the latest hidden money-making model.

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