The essence of business is trading, and the essence of trading is the exchange of value. So, if you want to get the value in the hands of others, please first check what kind of value you have in your hands

No matter you are in traditional industry or in the Internet field, you will be like a fish in water if you know the conversion thinking.

If you don’t know conversion mindset, no matter what resources and how much money you have in your hand, it’ s always not enough

You have read the “The Never-Disclosed Insider – The Thinking Code That Makes you an Insider Fast”, if not yet, just PM me, I will send you as a gift directly.

The report shares a quote inside: “$1.1 for human beings, $0.99 for goods”

If you understand conversion mindset, you can convert, from money, effort and time, you will come to a different conclusion than others

A person who is worth $8,000, don’t haggle to pay him only $7,500. Even if you save $500, but actually made his heart cold. Once there is a better opportunity, he will leave.

On the contrary, pay him $10,000, he will work twice as hard as he can for you

If something is worth a dollar, haggle to $0.99, the thing will not change, so you can haggle.

If a person’s service is worth $1, haggle to $0.99, although deals, but the service you get may change. So don’t haggle. Pay him $1.10, and you’ll get a great value in return. This is often said that “$1.1 for human beings, $0.99 for goods”

Presidents, this mindset is mentioned in that e-report you received, “The Never-Disclosed Insider – The Thinking Code That Makes you an Insider Fast”. You’ve read it and learned it, but do you know how to apply it specifically in your life?