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There are too many free things on the Internet, leading many people to have free thinking

Free, cheap things that only make you happy at the moment you get them, but you won’t use them. You won’t be happy for a day even if you use them.

Paid to get something, the moment you pay for it is heartache, but when you use it, every day is happy!

Wrong understanding of free thinking, will be on the wrong path for a longer time. Free thinking is for those buyers

[Buyers download, sellers upload]. This phrase is very important

As a seller, you’re not looking for free stuff, you’re the one offering free stuff

You are [the maker of free stuff], to contribute value by giving buyers free stuff, to filter out a portion of people who pay for value, which is a high quality audience, so you can make money and not be tired

You just need to understand [who is the maker of free stuff], you gain a lot

[You are the provider of free stuff] [You are the rule maker] [You are the dominant player in the game], you have a real seller thinking, you are Now a PRESIDENT.

As you know that there is a large number of people online who are victimized by free thinking, who just take advantage of everything and not want to pay a penny. They do not respect other people’s time, always want to get it for free, always want to get rich overnight, always want to get shortcuts, always want to get without paying anything.

So you have to filter out such people at the beginning, this is a lot of work, it takes a lot of time. A lot of network entrepreneurs in the beginning is dragged down by these people who like to take advantage, which discourages them to quit the network business

If you realize this, to filter out these people,it will be easy for you later. [You must be very picky to make your life easy]

One of the most important things to do marketing is to filter customers. If you don’t know how to filter customers, you’ll never be as efficient as you could be doing marketing. So how do you filter customers?