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The following are three original quotes shared with you from the TV series ” Tiandao”.

The first paragraph: Ding Yuanying said: “Strong culture is the culture of following the laws of things, and weak culture is the culture of relying on the moral of the strong to expect to get with exceptional treatment, and the culture of expecting to savior. The strong culture is called the “secret book” in Kung-Fu, while the weak culture has become a popular variety because it is easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to use.”

The second paragraph: “For example, the cultural industry, literature, film and television is the art of exploring the soul, if the creation of literature, film and television can crack the cultural code of higher thinking space, then its effectiveness is to enlighten people’s consciousness, shock people’s souls, which is what all beings need, is the merit, market, fame and fortune. The windfall profit of spiritual salvation and drug narcotics are exactly equal, and do not have to play tricks like drug trafficking, without the psychological cost and legal risk.”

Paragraph 3: “Where is your future? It’s in ignorant beings. Beings have no truth or fact, only good and evil, which is why you have value. To realize the way to Dao is called opening the heaven eyes(pr inner eyes/third eye). All you need is a pair of heaven eyes, a pair of eyes stripped of the politics, culture, tradition, morality, religion, and then look at politics, culture, tradition as it is, and turn the fact and the truth upside down by culture, morality, whatever you write and shoot is new and deep, that’s the money, that’s the fame, achievement, value, whatever you can say.”

President, if you can crack the above three paragraphs, worth millions, worth a thousand gold. It is the real way to gain wealth in this materialistic, money-oriented, black-and-white upside down society.

Today’s public class : Only seven days to get orders from strangers.

Today you can watch the 11th episode of the TV series ” Tiandao “