To make your business easier, you have to filter the prospects to get the like minded customers who accept you, trust you and like you.

First of all, you will need to set up your own creteria, so that you know who will be filtered out, who will be your customers that deserves more helps and efforts.

Here are 10 rules of WPG for your reference.

NO.1 Never waste time bargaining with customers, not even for a second. You should rather give freebies or giveaways and never lower the price. If the customer insists on lowering the price, immediately filter out this customer, or else he will bring a lot of trouble later.

NO.2 Only customers take the initiative to add you to friends, take the initiative to leave you a message, take the initiative to ask for a deal, never take the initiative to chat with customers, ask customers to buy. You must have your own stand, no matter what the identity of the customer, do not be arbitrarily ordered by him/her for a deal. We are all equal. If being yelled and ordered, we would rather not to make this deal.

NO.3 You have to learn to refuse customers, not all people who want to buy will become our customers. If the prospect is not qualified, don’t sell him, that will not help him. Sell him only when he is ready. You must be strong, quality over quantity. It’ s more important to attract “what kind of” customers than to attract “how many “Customers. Dismiss some unqualified customers, leaving more efforts to take care of other customers.

NO.4 If someone just leaves you a message like “Hello” “You there” on social media without followings, you can judge that this is a newbie, just leave him/her. Generally, sincere customers will propose more information, or some questions, or some requirements, etc.

NO.5 Do not give away your expertise and time blindly. That’s useless. People do not feel the value that they get for free. Just leave your time to those who deserve your help.

NO.6 The mindsets of people are different: you have to figure out: what level of customer you are positioning, and then decide, what value you give him. If the value is beyond his level, he will only treat the value you give as garbage.

NO.7 The vast majority of products do not sell well, there is an overlooked reason: customers feel that your product is not important to him. Learn the law of pre-planting, is a must for anyone who wants to become a marketing master!

NO.8 Making money is helping people solve their problems. The more problems we help people solve, the higher our income will be, because helping people will help ourselves.

NO.9 Learn to filter customers, help those who deserve help, do not waste time on explaining. People who understand you, no need to explain, people who do not understand you, the explanation is useless! Waste time on those do not understand you, you lose the time of helping those who deserve help, it is the opportunity cost!

NO.10 For provocative and unreasonable people, directly exercise the power of president, directly black list, block, or delete. One more word is a luxury, one more second is a waste.

Of course, they may not all are suitable for you, you can set up your own based on your own business.