Sharing 10 Creeds of WPG for your reference

NO.1 Traffics are natural there, customers are natural there, methods are natural there.

NO.2 Less will make you gain, more will make you confused.

NO.3 Always think from a reverse perspective, “To know, make an upside down”

NO.4 The thinner the booklet, the more the essence of it is, Social Media Direct Mail Marketing techniques will be enough for you to use for life

NO.5 Difficult things are easy to accomplish. Social Media Direct Mail Marketing is not a crowded road

NO.6 No need to build a company, team, no need to rent office space, a social media account and yourself is your wealth for life

NO.7 do not need to wordship blindly the gurus, then you fall into a pit. Gurus and experts are to be used by you, You need to learn to make these experts and gurus work for you

NO.8 You can’t answer all the questions, but you can ask any question back. You don’t have to be the smartest, you don’t have to be the most educated, you just need to know how to ask questions, you are the leader of the crowd

NO.9 Don’t be superstitious about fortune telling, just tell your own fortune. If you are an asset to your customers, then you can attract customers and have money in your life; if you are a liability to your customers, then you can’t make a deal, you can’t make money and have no money in your life

NO.10 How to change your luck? That is to turn yourself into an asset. You have to have your own system, to make money is to continuously release your knowledge to fill the information gap between the customer and you. For example, you can share what you have learned in WA to those who have not joined the community, this is information gap. The plenty trainings are our advantage!