One of the key 5% differences between people and people is the result-oriented way of thinking, which is the first mode of thinking that needs to be mastered as president. That is, backward mindset/thinking.

Backward thinking can be applied on no matter small or big project. Think backwards,execute backwards,everything is done according to your expectation.

Backward Mindset is to emphasize setting up a goal first, and then from the goal, backward extrapolation, step by step link – backward resource allocation, backward time allocation, link strategy and tactics, link methods and means …… The core of Backward Mindset is not to focus on what can be achieved by the existing conditions, but to focus on what conditions are needed to achieve the goal and what path to take.

If the conditions are right, start implementation.

If the conditions are not available, it is not simply to give up immediately, but to study whether a new path method can be used to achieve the goal. Where are the bottlenecks and constraints of the existing conditions. And check what is missing, find ways to fill up. Take the difficulties and problems happened in the implementation process as the goal to achieve, solve the problems one by one, answer the questions one by one. As if eating an onion, peel off layer by layer, when all the problems are solved, the whole big goal will be achieved.

Take all kinds of people, objects, work, nodes, relevant factors and completion time frame etc. involved in the process of achieving the goal into full consideration until the current moment. Then work out the plan based on all these information, refine the process, clarify the completion time frame. Everyone takes his/her own responsibility, and execute to the details to ensure that the task is completed on time.