The core of Social Media Direct Mail Marketing’s Interactive 6+1 is to contribute value in a farming-minded way.

The interactive 6+1 is the steps designed according to the backward thinking.

Some presidents say that the backward thinking approach sounds good, but it is very difficult to land it to the ground.

So let’s talk about how to land it.

As long as you turn ” backward thinking ” into” backward breakdown “, you will know how to land.

Backward thinking is mainly to carry out the overall layout, you also need breakdown thinking to refine and execution:

The core of breakdown thinking is that the task is broken down to the smallest unit, so that it will be executed without difficulty, because it is completely stress-free.

Everything can be broken down, air, water, cells, books, knowledge. If it is broken down to a point, which is focused on, it will produce a one-point blast effect, and the subsequent chain reaction will make you more motivated to do it.

There is a characteristic of human nature: if it is complicated, you will procrastinate, and if it is simple, you will take action.

No execution if it is complex, it cannot be landed, but by breaking it down into simplicity, then it can be done.