So how to apply the Backward thinking to the practical implementation?

Remember the six words: Goal Setup, Plan Breakdown, backwards implementation.

If you have watched some spy movies, action movies, revenge movies, you will know how to understand the essence of these six words.

You recall those action and films you have watched, the film’s protagonists or heroes, or agents, or ordinary people ignited by the fire of revenge, to complete a very difficult task (revenge, destroy evil, save people, remove the danger, save their homes, etc.), are supported by a belief that the task must be completed (the result, the goal), and then find a series of clues, tools, helpers, ways to break through the difficulties, overcome the opponent, and finally complete the task, achieve the goal, return in triumph.

Then when applied to our own lives, the principles and thought patterns are similar.

For example, whatever your current annual income is, if you want to boost it to $300,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 or even higher per year, any of these is a clear goal you want to achieve, just like one of the agents in the movie, a task to be accomplished at any cost, then use the Backward Mindset to help you achieve it.

Look at the following chart for your road to a million dollars: