True equality in a world full of brutal competition is equality in the face of disease, equality in the face of cancer.

The best doctor in the world can’t save you. You can only buy the best facilities and services with money. Even if you have a billion dollar fortune, the medical cost of $10,000 per day will burn up your wealth fast..

In today’s world, smoking is a game played by hundreds of millions of people, a deadly game similar to Russian roulette, where millions of people are shot year after year, and on average 2 people are shot and killed every minute.

Smoking is a luxury for the rich, not for all people. Ordinary people save or not save a sum of money working in whole life. When they are ill in hospital, money is not money, it’s spent like water. That results in the bankruptcy or even in heavy debt for their families..

A lot of heavy smokers got to know that until they lie on bed in hospital:

“I always thought that I was smoking, and then I found out it was fucking smoking sucked me. Sucking up all my savings. Money ain’t fucking money at the hospital, I tried to quit smoking, but it was too late…”

Smoking is a luxury double consumption, is a costly double waste

What’s the world’s number one way to quit smoking?


Cancer is the fastest and best way to quit smoking in the world, with cancer, no matter how long he has a history of smoking, or how deep he smokes, he will quit smoking at the moment of being seriously ill.

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