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Learned the conversion mindset, now you can make an exercise. If you try to figure out 1 year by yourself, you will take a lot of detours.

Within 1 year you need to go through constant trial and error, the cost of which is very high. It not only will waste a lot of time and efforts, but in the end if the project does not make progress, it will affect your enthusiasm and belief.

If you run a project, spend 1 year, from the traffic, sales copy, advertising, design, website, content, customer service, sales pitch, etc. are from scratch to figure out, and finally did not earn money, you can imagine what kind of mood you are in.

Whether offline or online business, the situation of those operators who completely rely on their own figuring out is very bad. A lot of people quit the industry, or go for a job, because they have reached a dead end doing the business.

Through the conversion you can easily conclude: it will take at most two months to know the results of optimizing a very successful project of competitors, the worst case is that you still do not make money. But at least you save part of the money, and most importantly, you save 10 months of time, which is the conversion of one month to leverage ten months, and one year to leverage ten years.

Only if you understand the thinking mode inside, can you use it out. Otherwise, you cannot use it out even if you know it.

Change your thinking, change your life.

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