What is result-oriented? It is the way to think about the law of cause and effect in reverse. By thinking about the result and the ending to complete the layout, and then execute in order. Leave certain variables for people and things involved, then everything will run under control.

We can take advantage of something we have not,but in some other’s hands. This is leverage and integration;

And you if can meet the needs of other people with what you have, they will buy from you without your trying to sell;

What is the framework? It is to build up a framework in your brain, so that you can place each specific knowledge in its proper place and sort out a clear process. Follow the process in an orderly, step-by-step manner.

Whether you do business, weight loss, fitness, learning, the most important thing to avoid is impersistent. The marketing framework is very powerful, very amazing, if you can follow the orderly process, you will have more gains than expected.

Why can’ t you land to the ground after learning so many things?

Because learning too much, your mind is jammed with too much different information,which you cannot use it freely. More makes one confused!