Picking up from yesterday’s topic of Backward Thinking

How to achieve the goal of making 1 million a year?

Do you think it is difficult?

But in reality, there are already many people who have made 1 million, 10 million.

How did they make it?

It’s easy to say and easy to do.

It depends on how you understand it and how to implement it.

The following example, is one of the projects I am testing with a few friends in practice. The details are not disclosed for the moment, just to tell you the rough framework: how to achieve the goal of making $100,000 a year at a spare time?

   See how to break it down by thinking backwards.

   1, how to make $100,000 part-time a year? $100,000 divided by 12 months, a month is 8300 USD, 8300 USD and then divided by 30 days, every day is 274 USD, let’s say 280 USD.

   In other words, to make $100,000 a year in spare times, all we need now is to make $280 a day. Well,that number looks a lot easier, right?

   2, how can I earn $280 per day?

   The most direct way is selling products. Suppose you sell a product, the profit per order is $300, then, to earn $280, is it just 1 order only?

Let’s be more conservative, let’s say the profit of your product is $150 per order, and then do the math, 2 orders is enough, right?

Now, our goal seems to have changed a little, making an extra 100,000 a year on a part-time basis, into selling 2 products a day, seems much easier, right?

   3, how to sell out 2 products every day?

    If your conversion rate is 1%, then all you need to sell out 2 product is 200 traffic. Now, the problem seems to have changed again, earning $100,000 per year on the side, into getting 200 traffic per day.

   4, how to get 200 traffic per day?

    There are so many ways to get traffic online, such as Google ads, email Marketing, SEO, forums, Facebook,Instagram,Tik Tok,Telegram, Youtube,Twitter, Blog, Podcast, Crowdfunding……

No need to be greedy, proficient in any of the above methods, 200 traffic will not be a problem!

   The sales process is designed to work backwards in terms of results: DEAL – TRUST – RISK RESOLUTION – INTENT —- CULTIVATION – CURIOSITY -CONTACT- PROMOTION. If all points are coherent in between without obstacles, that’ s a very good sales process!

   How about it? By now, earning $100,000 per year on the side only requires you to get 200 traffic per day. Your daily job is to get these 200 traffic by yourself, or hire someone to do it, just go ahead and do it, and after 12 months, $100,000 is the result that will naturally appear.

    The ultimate fulfillment of making an extra 100,000 a year on a part-time basis is to achieve 200 traffic per day, and I believe that everyone has their own way to accomplish this, just to tell you one thing,hard ads and other rape-like promotion methods have stunk up the market, just like eating fatty meat every day, anyone would be disgusted, such traffic is not as good as 1 accurate traffic even if 2000 of them.

The mobile internet is a cash machine, if anyone has the password, they can open the box on it and withdraw money.

What’s the code to open the box? Only a few words.