If you have watched the TV series ” Tiandao “, in the third episode when the protagonist Ding Yuanying wanted to remove the tube for his critically ill father, directly let his father die with dignity, which caused serious protests and reprimands from his family. On this, Ding Yuanying did not explain, and the explanation was useless!

It will take a long time for the concept of death with dignity to be accepted by friends and relatives around, and I hope to help more people understand the concept and meaning of living will and death with dignity.

Many things in this world can wait, but filial respect cannot wait. Only when parents are still healthy to show care is true filial respect, otherwise it will leave the regret of “the son wants to be filial but his parents are not there”.

[Zero Quit Smoking Program] is to keep you from going to the hospital.

[Living Will] is to keep you from being suffered.

If you don’t know the two concepts of Zero Quit Smoking and Death with Dignity, you will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars once the risk comes, which is a positive and negative relationship, the difference is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can just google living will to know more.

If you know this in advance, to prevent before it happens, so that you do not have to empty your hard-earned life savings, into a tragic situation of several generations of people working for the hospital