Being able to think in terms of conversions allows you to see things more clearly

Some people are doing all kinds of charity and giving. Are they all so kind and Warm-hearted?

I have observed a lot of people around me, from billionaires to ordinary people, and there are a lot of smart people, but it’s not the smart people who are really good at life. It’s the people who seem stupid

These seemingly dumb people are really intelligent people who are willing to give and be grateful to others.

And in fact, most of these people are living a prosperous life, they have good relationships in society,too.

Obviously, these are people who understand conversion thinking, who may not believe in God, but believe in their own conversion results. They know that their givings will bring more and greater return, not in the afterlife, but in the present world.

Including those “fools” you hear in the business world who do not make money on the surface, in fact, are masters of conversion thinking.They seem not make money or even lose money in the front end, but make big money in the back end that you won’t know.

Basically 95% of the people in the world are studying how to make money, but they can’t make money.

In this world, less than 1% of people study how to lose money, and the people who study losing money understand conversion thinking and human nature, see through framework of the front end, back end. And it turns out that the people who actually make money are the people who study losing money,

Amazon, JD, Uber are all in this model.

Money-losing marketing model needs to have conversion thinking, otherwise you dare not to this advanced marketing mode.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, for example, is a man who knows how to think in terms of conversion. He pays a few hundred dollars in front to get a customer. The more they lose, the more they sell. The happier they were.

Why is that? Because the more turnovers, the higher value of their company in stock market.

The hardest thing in the world for any marketer is to sell a product. They have to face numerous competitors and fight in the Red Sea.

But for a conversion expert, he/she can accept even or a bit loss.

Because they solved the hardest part for them, which is selling. Even if it doesn’t make money. Or lose a little money. They will be very happy because they have so many cards to play on the back end.

This is the core of conversion thinking. It is worth $100,000 if you can figure that out.