The answer is

The 1=3 wealth formula

If you have read the book “12 Month Millionaire”, a book written by a young man named Vincent, his only published book. Vincent was a student of Jay Abraham and his annual income exceeded the combined income of many CEOs in the United States before he was thirty years old. Just a pen, a piece of paper and a small bottle of pills helped Vincent, at the age of 28, to make $100 million in 2 years. His method is simple and efficient, and you can learn it right away, once you master conversion thinking.

How did Vincent make it? The core mode of thinking is: CONVERSION

He discovered a wealth formula through testing. How did Vincent test it?

He firstly bought a list of 9,000 names who had purchased similar products.

It is divided into three groups of 3,000 participants each.

The cost of each letter is $0.60, and 3,000 letters costs $1,800.

He had to get 30 orders to cover the cost.

Then three different sales copies were written and sent out 3000 each.

The first group got 10 orders,loss

The second group got 15 orders,loss

The third group got 30 orders,balanced

The third set of copy was then further optimized and sent out on a large scale, it was resulted in an average response of 2%.

Repeat purchases (lifetime value) are then calculated and it is found that each customer buys an average of 4.4 bottles in 6 months. Thus, after deducting overhead, each customer contributes $180 in 6 months, so: 1000 letters for 20 people x 180 = $3600 – cost $600, resulting in 1000 letters earning $3000.

That is, the conversion results in $3 for each letter sent.

This is the formula of wealth from conversion: 1=3 profit formula.

It will be easy later, large-scale replication, and wealth will come rushing in.

To sum up: creating wealth is the process from 0 to 100.

From 0 ~ 1 is the most difficult, once you find your wealth formula 1 = 3, then by 1 ~ 100 will be easy. Later will share with you the 110 and 1111 theory, you will know where the constant flow of customers and wealth comes from.

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