The impression that underworld bosses are very righteous, in fact, they are all masters of conversion thinking.

The underworld bosses raise their followers from childhood. One out of ten is deadly loyal to them will be enough, so that in the future they can take the blame and responsibility or even take the bullet.

If there are two or three followers deadly loyal, it will be a big gain.

Now many billionaires declined after glory of a few years. That’s because they don’t know this pattern of underworld bosses raising their followers.

And some rich people for decades as a day, after various storms are still alive, that is because they know this advance investment, which is the essence of conversion thinking.

Because when his business has just scaled, he began to finance those poor children. If one out of the ten sponsored children succeeds, the return to him will exceed the cost of all the children he financed.

If three or five children become successful, the return will be very big. These funded people will become the boss’s loyal hard-core supporters in the next ten years, and they will do anything for you as long as they need to, and some people can even pay for you with their lives.

This is the inside of some ulterior motives of the rich to send goodwill, the same mode as the underworld boss to train followers. You will not be easily used once you understand.