When you enter the circle of the World President Group(WPG), you have to adapt to several role and identity shifts.

Role switching of requesting and sharing

Role switching of employee and president

Role switching of buyer and seller

Role switching from selling to helping customers

Role switching from group owner to professional group owner

By the role switching from the left to the right above, your thinking, your consciousness, and your vision will have subtle changes, which will be reflected in your income.

[The layout and framework of WPG]

Domino layout: Goal Setup, Plan Breakdown, backwards implementation.

 Sequential sharing: contribute value – build trust – closing naturally

[Process reverse design]

1 Backwards layout → 2 Slide-out process → 3 Decomposed steps → 4 Structured template → 5 Personalized sales pitch

[Forward execution]

Hooked questioning → Traffic by sharing→Referral system → sequential sales → Partnership

[WPG promotion principle]

initiative to promote, passive to be added, interactive to build relationships, automatically deal!

When a person thinks in more dimensions, he may have a completely different interpretation of the current dilemma, and thus will find a lot of ideas to solve the problem, then the dilemma in his eyes is not a dilemma.

Through the change of thinking, it makes a huge change in the vision and perspective of the problem. What you may think of as a big problem in the past is now a piece of cake, not even a “problem” in your view.

Not only the difficulty of the “trouble” itself is decreasing, the path to solve the “trouble” has also become diverse, as if all roads lead to Rome. You will soon reach this realm by mastering the thinking.

All this transformation comes from the change of thinking level. By mastering thinking, everything is not a problem!

Today you can watch the 6th episode of the TV series ” Tiandao “

Weekend movie series 1: Groundhog Day

Today is the weekend, relax yourself for a day of rest after a hard week

Modern society is very stressful, no matter the boss, senior white-collar office ladies, the daily, weekly work is monotonous and busy, which makes them seldom to quietly enjoy themselves, no time to relax, no time for vacation.

At this time if there is a good book or a good movie, it will help you to relax after the busy work, which is a kind of spiritual sustenance. A good book or a good movie can bring you into a good state of mind.

Now there are thousands of movies produced every year, but the classic good movies are few and far between, you can’t afford to find a good movie from so many movies to relax your spirit, and I can just help you with this

My hobbies are sports, reading and watching movies, what I can do to help you is to recommend some good books and movies to you, so that you can save the time of searching. You can at least watch a good movie every week, so that the weekend is not monotonous and lonely!

The role of good movies is very amazing, a good movie is better than a good teacher, a good movie is better than those so-called high-end courses that charge more than $10,000, you can learn more from the movie

The movie recommended to you this weekend is “Groundhog Day”, don’t be misled by the name and ignore it, don’t miss it because of the name of the movie, then your loss will be too big

This movie will teach you three top tricks.

1, the highest technique of pursuing women.

2, the highest level of marketing.

3, the secrets of becoming an expert

If you have not watched the film yet, you can leave today’s sharing until you watch it later.

You can input “Groundhog Day” in the chatbox on worldpresidentgroup.com, it will automatic reply the download address in one drive of this movie. you can watch it and then come back for the sharing. P.S. If you have not office 365 onedrive yet, you can get it from here, which is the best price ever.

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Friday: Backward and conversion thinking: Win more time and orders

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